A coast to coast partnership

this is a great idea, this sight is a great place to meet other investors, it will be great to be a partner with a west coast (california) investor, a california investor who would want to invest in an eastern united states state, i know that real estate is substantial in california and expensive, i would love to invest in california. anyone out there in for the idea…

How about Pittsburgh, turn key deals, proven record, 30% ROI, and the properties require a total of maybe $40K.

i have a list of properties that are bank owned i requested it from a pennsylvania bank, your right i found houses for as low as 34,000 dollars some in harrisburg, yorktown, some outside pittsburg,

I am rehabbing houses bought for $25K-$35K, maybe putting $15K max into them, and saling themn for $85K++. They are renting for $950 month and we fill them as quick as we can get them done. Heck we are still working on the exterior of a few. My investors are making good money moving several properties at a time to buy and hold investors. I wish I had a money partner. I could do 4 properties a month with my crews. Soon I will be in the financial position to take advantage of my local market.

heres some examples 1415 7th avenue, Beaver Falls PA Beaver County (Vacant Lot) $9,900 from National Bank of PA
227-229 South 4th st Jeanette PA (2 Story semi-attatched office building) $96,000
654 Meadow church rd Cranberry PA $34,000
973 Sunset Dr Jamestown PA $54,000
2240 Linn St Williamsport PA $25.000
124 Spruce st. Oil City PA $7,900
19 Davis St. Ashley PA Triplex $45.000
177 Strawbridge ave Sharon PA $29,000

i like to do some deals in PA with no money out of my pocket

You have to be careful Beaver Falls, and Jeanettte can be warzones. Then some of the better area like Cranberry will have old septic systems that will require tap ins for water and sewage. It seems to me that every property comes with its own obstacles around here they can be easliy overcome or require large amounts of cash.