A Banner Day for Bailouts!

Just when you thought the socialists might be running out of bailouts, we have a $23 Billion bailout for Teachers; a $165 Billion bailout for union pensions, and billions more for childhood obesity and childhood hunger! The last one really pisses me off - couldn’t the parents with the fat kids just trade children with the parents of the hungry kids and save us billions of dollars? It takes a village to raise a kid that’s not to fat and not too thin and JUST RIGHT!

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That is some funny stuff. I guess the hungry kids can’t learn because they are thinking about food, and the obese kids can’t learn because they are thinking about…well they are thinking about food too. If they had all the food they could eat would they not learn because they were thinking about toys or thinking about sports, or whatever. The reason they don’t learn is because their parents don’t make them learn.

Give them all alphabet soup and be done with it! :beer

“Give them all alphabet soup and be done with it!”

Thats why I am really good at spelling but not worth a lick on math or punctuation. :biggrin

LOL!!! alphabet soup is the solution for the food problem