A $60,000 Bail bond Lien and a Bridge for sale.

An out of State Wholesaler calls my bird dog from one of his bandit signs and wants to know if we are interested in the house he has a contract on, I offer 45K and he accepts and sends over his assignment to sign. It’s in a Rural town about 45 minutes south and I pass it off to another wholesaler who gets it sold for 51 K, we are going to split our fee of 6k 3 ways and the first wholesaler and his partner are splitting 15K with 30K going to the seller, confused yet?
I send my bird dog over to take photos and finds an old guy living there that’s in bad shape and gives him a few buks for food.
Then we start Escrow, wouldn’t you know it, the 60K bail bond lien comes up.
My bird dog calls & wants to know what we can do? I laugh, I told him we can kiss our 2 grand goodbye and to get out there and find more.
He then tells me, well the buyer is going to try to work something out.
I said Oh Yea, well I got a bridge for sale. He wasn’t amused.
Interesting how the homeowners fail to mention these things.
Anybody have a similar experience?

That lien is temporary isn’t it? I realize it’s still not a deal, until the lien is released, but it’s worth keeping tabs on, in the event the lien is lifted, right?

Haha, the buyer says this lien will be lifted and the deal should close in 6 weeks mid Sept. But, I’m not holding my breath.
I hope the seller is still kicken by then.