98$ a month Vanity # for Bandit Signs

is $98 bux a mth too high for a good vanity #, does anyone have better sucess with them? Does it go to voicemail or do u awnser?

$98 seems like a lot!! I made a list of words I wanted in my number…


and I’m sure there were more. Then I went to my cell phone provider and sat down with a rep. He plugged the words in to the computer with different prefixes until we found one that wasn’t in use. 704-BUYS is the number on my advertising. Easy to remember and didn’t cost me a penny.

I usually answer my cell phone unless it is off, then it goes to a voicemail where my wife recorded a very nice message.

answer your phone ALWAYS, or better yet have another professional (scripted)
answer all calls. Big mistake I see is that people either dont answer all of their
calls and dont call sellers back if they left a message. You never know!

I just got a deal from a lady that I couldnt help out, her neighbor had passed
away and the only child lived in LA (im in VA), the lady i couldnt help gave me
the # and we listed the property with an agreement that if it doesnt sell in X
amount of time we will buy it for a set figure.

Amazing what talking to people can do for your business

I just signed up for ring central. Even if you don’t answer the calls, it records and logs the numbers.

Seems great so far, just signed up today.

Phatman5 - have you checked AccessLine communications? I have just signed with them and the one thing that tipped the scale on their favor when I compared them with Ring Central is that they don’t charge for inbound calls… :O) You may want to check it out…

Have a good evening!

where did you see this at?

post the link to that part of their webpage please.


scroll down to the Pricing section:

Mobile Manager pricing is extremely competitive (only $18.95 per month), with no charge for in-bound calls. When you comparison shop, we encourage you to read the fine details of both features and charges for other services. We’re confidant you will find Mobile Manager to be the most powerful, versatile, and economical unified communication service available.

So far (less than 1 week) it is working. Yesterday I sent my first fax through them - you download a driver that installs like a printer in your computer. Then you can “print” any document and when you select their driver it uploads the document to the website. You can then send it through email or fax to anyone you want. They give you the first 500 pages free - not sure if you get 500 pages per month or lifetime though. I will need to check.

Good luck!