$95 to join REI club?

Can some experienced investor evaluate this link and tell me if this club sounds like a good one.


It sound like you get alot of valuable information. I just want to know does it usually cost money to join.

yes, it normally costs money to join a REIA group. If it’s free, then likely it’s very, very small, and you won’t get anything other than to network with the 5 or 10 people in the group.

However, most REIAs let non-members attend. Some, it’s free for the first meeting. Sometimes, it’s a small door fee (probably $10).

So, don’t just join. Attend a meeting or two and decide if it’s what you think you need, then join.


I just want to know does it usually cost money to join.

Yes. And $95 doesn’t sound bad at all. One of ours is $96/yr (first meeting for guests is free). The other one is somethign like $60/yr.

If you learn a lot and it gets you on track to make decent money its well worth it. :slight_smile:

I actually belong to this club and find that it worth the $95. They have a private web based “listserv” for member communications that acts as a question and answer forum as well as tips on many subjects from rehab materials sources to landlording.

The club is organized into six or eight subgroups focused on geographic areas and/or subject matter that each meet around once/month. You should be able to find a subgroup relative to your interests.

Many of the subgroup meetings cost $5 - $10 to attend to pay for the facility.

The club’s main meeting hosts national REI speakers every month or so for free. Although the speakers usually are mostly marketing their fee based courses you can usually pick up a few nuggetts of good information at these free seminars.

As a relative noob to REI (2 rentals/2 rehabs over the past 2 years) I feel the club is a good source of information but, as with any complex business, it is not the end all-be all of REI, but jut oen of several sources of networking and information I use.


go figure. $95 membership for an reia…

here on long island - Lireia.com…the local realtors assoc. costs 450 a year and that’s for two members of a company. to sign up more, it’s something like 1500 for the year.

i have not joined yet. i’m sure i will soon.

I just payed $490 for corporate membership to my local breia and that lets me put flyers out and bring 2 employees without admission fees each month. HMMMMMMMMMMM …One person buys one of my properties from my flyer for a profit of $5000 I just paid for my membership for 3 people for the next 10.204081 years.We have 5 clubs in our area.Im joining all 5 ;D