95% LTV with seller paying the 5% down ??

Is it possible to purchase a home for $1,750,000 with the seller paying the 5% down payment, and seller paying upto $10,000 in closing costs?

Note: The seller is not carrying back the mortage, the seller is actually paying the 5% down paymne to help sell his home.


See my original thread earlier. I can see that doing a 100% loan is not possible on stated income.

I am interested in a Home Loan, and having difficulty getting a 100% rock solid guarantee from any broker or lender.
(I have tried everywhere so far)

Here is what I am looking to do with my loan.

Item: Single Family Home (Owner Occupied)

Loan Amount: $1,725,000

Amount Financed: 100% financing

Documentation: Stated Income and stated asset

Type of loan: Any - (Interst Only. Option ARM, 3/5, 3/10, 3o year fixed, 30 year adjustable, etc)

Prepayment Penality: None (I will re-finance the loan within 1 year)

Points: No Points (willing to pay 1 point but lender must allow it to be rolled into the mortage)

I do not want to have to show large cash reserves.
The seller maybe paying my closing costs upto $10,000.

My credit score is between 735, 740, 745 with the 3 credit reporting agencies.
I only have 2 car payments (2000 Dodge Viper, and 2002 Lexus LS430)
I have no other debt, no credit card debt, no late payments, etc. Good clean credit history.

If you can get me a loan, I would gladly do business with you.

I am willing to speak with with the underwriter. Or if you need me to plead my case with the underwriter. You will need to do a “exception form”.

We have not decided on a property, but we are in southern California Community. The homes in the community run from

$1,600,000 to $2,600,000. There are several homes for sale in the area. We are trying to get the best deal on a new home, by shopping the different sellers.

Before I make an offer, I want to ensure I am preapproved for a mortage.

I need loan confirmation within the coming week as we are ready to make an offer on a property.


Sorry, no lenders that I have will do that.

Anyone else??

I find it so hard to believe that no banks or loan agent can get me a home loan with my good credit.

I am interested in talking to you. how is your job history?

There are no lenders who will allow this that I know of.


You will have to bring somthing to the table for any lender to give you almost 2mill. A high score alone will not cut it by itself. Even going stated/stated you may need to show 1 or all of the following:

1.Strong job history (2yrs or more) in an industry that would warrant the ability to pay. Doctor =yes vs. Dishwasher = NO.
2.Some reserves(retirement, mutual funds, 401k)
3.Previous mtge/rent history at a similar payment amount
For any lender, you are asking them to take ALL the risk while you have nothing in the deal. I hope this helps.


Is there a reason you can’t go full doc?

I can do a 90%CLTV

Andrea Adkins