90% LTV for Austin apartments?

I have an investment team ready to buy small to midsize apts in Austin, Texas, but we are not willing to put more than 10% down.

Can anyone recommend lenders in this area who will finance to 90% LTV (or, at the least, allow up to 90% CLTV)?

Thanks, Drew

Good luck in finding a broker here in Austin that can do 90LTV on investment properties. Most brokers can only go 80%LTV on purchase and refinance.

Let me know if you find a broker here in Austin or San Antonio that is investor
friendly and knowledgable with what investors need and really knows his lender that will work with investors.


If you are talking about up to 4 units, that can be done. Patricia at mort4you@comcast.net. 5+ units, I have heard alot of talk, but no real closings.


I have heard it can be done, but have yet to find a Broker or Lender here in Austin that can do a 90%LTV for non owner occupied.

If there is someone here in Austin that knows their Lenders that are willing to provide 90%LTV NOO or construction loans for duplexes and SFR’s, let me know.


I haven’t found any 90% LTV financing from any institutional lenders. Your best bet would be to try to do some Owner carry back financing to acheive 90% LTV

good luck

Try Quotemearate.com, they are based in Houston Texas. We’ve done 95% investor loans with them before(80/15) loan.

Contact Robert Gonzalez 305-932-8154 and his e-mail is robertgo@bellsouth.net

Contact David Buttross. He is a wheeler dealer and sells all kinds of property with 10 % down owner financing. He is not very concerned about credit either, He had a 5 plex for sell recently and a 11 house deal and several duplexes. He sold a friend 20 houses in Waco too. Prices a bit high but the terms are fantastic. He may have a deal or two for you. He is a new member at this forum

Good luck and thank you,
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