90-100% LTV on commercial is there such a thing?

Is there a 90-100% LTV on a commercial property. I’m looking to buy a property that is 5+ units. Any lenders out there who are legit and reliable?


90% is totally doable, but from what I have read here and on other sites 100% is a myth.

Chris is right and wrong…90% LTV is easy. 95%CLTV can be done with some work…100% is available IF…you pledge assets.

1Mil purchase price
100% LTV Loan
200-250K in assets is pledged to the lender.

It totally depends on what V you are after.

Appraised Value or purchase price. If you are buying really cheap there are some private lenders and HMLs that will lend based on the appraised value of the property. Then you can refinance into something more traditional once you have made the purchase.

Here’s another way to look at it…some HML’s including us will look at loaning above 100%, if a portion of funds are used to immediately increase vlaue of property. That will drop “completed” LTV.

It’s possible to mix-match secured & unsecured commercial funding to get the deal to 100% financing. emails welcome.

I was offered an 80/15 on commercial but didn’t have the darn 5% of my own to kick in. :frowning: