800 vs. use local number

Do you guys use 800 numbers for your short sale business or use a local number?
As far a expense is concerned: 800# are about $9/month and pay $.0X per minute.
A voice mail would cost me $5/month flat and fix rate.

Any thoughts on this?
What are the pros and cons if any?
Would having an 800 generate more calls?


I am new like you. BUt there are advantages having an 800 number. One of which, you an expand your area and work any state in the US>!!! One company I am looking at does not have the area codes for my area. So when I start marketing instead of bird dogging, That 800 # will replace my cell phone # on the marketing campaign. Plus another advanctate is that you can have multiple extensions. i.e. you can use ext 1 for newspaer, 2 for bandit signs. Then you can determine which of your mareking campaigns is working best. HOpe this helps you

Hey Joseph:
I use an 800 line for all my business. I’ve had great success with freedomvoice. It costs me about $10 a month and gives me 5 seperate v-mail extensions for all my “deals” or needs. It also calls my cell phone the minute someone leaves a message and gives me a report each month of everyone who called even if they didn’t leave a message. A good lead generator.

$10 a month is a no brainer in my books, but other people/investors feel it’s impersonal. I just like the fact that a lot of my work can be done by v-mail and I think a potential buyer or seller might feel a little less pressured if they can call 24 hours a day and get a ton of info over the phone with no obligation or pressure.

Good luck!