800# vmail box, anyone know any good companies out there?

Hi everyone,

I’m new and want to set up my voicemail box soon so i can start my marketing. Anyone know any good companies out there that offer good service? Thanks for the reply

I use Arch Telecom (archtelecom dot com). I have been very pleased with them. They give you lots of mailboxes (extensions). They page you when someone calls your 800#. They also can run the callers phone # through a database and 70%+ of the time I get their name and address as well so I can follow up by mail.

Ph: 800-894-4710
speak to Don Farrell
Fax:(512) 495-7101

This is a staple in my marketing system and a must for anyone who wants a clockwork lead-generating system.

Good luck!


You might check out “patlive.com

I have used them for years and the customer service is excellent.

I also can give Pat Live my endorsement, especially if you need live answering and not just a recorded message.





both have web based interactive stuff… Truly awesome…

David Alexander


Could you elaborate on the “web-based interactive stuff” you mentioned? I am intrigued by this. I am always a big fan of using technology to make my job easier. Can you upload your message online?

Jason Van Orden

I’m not sure you can upload your message… but, probably…

Mostly I use RingCentral.com

but, here are some of the things I like…

Call logs on the internet… time, length and date stamped…

Capture the caller ID’s pretty much all of them… even the blocked numbers…

You can see how long the caller stayed on the call… so, if everyone stays on 15 secs and then hangs up… you know they are getting all the info they need at 15 secs… or you need to change your message at 15 secs…

You get the messages by email… in a .wav file, no need to call in to your voicemail…

Contact managers…

Follow me features… for instance we use them that way we can one number but, I can forward them to multiple offices… to have someone answer the phone live during the day…

You can fax to them…

FreedomVoice… has a feature where it will call the the numbers doing a phone blast with a message…

Like I said… mostly… I use ringcentral nowadays…

David Alexander

The big thing that you mentioned that I don’t have with Arch Telecom, and wish I did, is the voicemail coming to your e-mail as a wave file. That is “truly awesome” as you stated. I’ll have to look into that.

I use my voice message line is just about all my direct mail campaigns, real estate and otherwise. It would be convenient to get my voicemail to my e-mail.

Telephone voice blast would also be very useful.

Thanks for the heads up.

Jason Van Orden

I also use Freedom Voice and you have a choice for the audio file - can be mp3 or wav.

A good Virtual Office is www.tollfreelive.com

I like www.ureach.com. They have very good customer service as well as very few outages. Here are some of the features:

uAttendant - uAttendant lets you create up to five extensions for your company, plus an extra extension for your operator or receptionist. Each extension has a unique message mail box, custom greeting and call forwarding destination. If you miss a call or fax uAttendant can notify you that a message is waiting. Best of all, you can
review your uAttendant messages from the phone and the Web.

uConnect - uConnect is like a virtual personal assistant who manages all of your calls, email, voice mail and faxes. The service will route calls to your toll-free number anywhere you choose and let you manage your messages - email, voice mail and faxes - from the phone or the Web

uMessage - uMessage brings together all of your messages - email, voice mail and fax - to one place. You can be immediately notified of new messages and best of all, you can easily access your messages from the Web, from any phone or from a wireless device.

uFax - uFax is a versatile web-based fax service that lets you send and receive faxes right from your PC. Faxes are received as attachments in your email account and can be viewed using standard imaging software.

u800 - Toll-free service makes it easy for your customers to contact you because there is no charge to them for the telephone call. Toll-free numbers, especially vanity numbers, can be easier to remember and increase credibility with customers. u800 is an easy and affordable way to get your business up and running with a toll-free number

uOrganize - uOrganize takes Web-based email to the next level. It combines a host of great features such as POP3 access and industry-leading Spam and Virus Protection to deliver the best email experience you can have online.

Use a Cell phone with voice mail. That way you can answer as many calls as possible live. I detect a little call reluctance, anytime that someone wants to use voice mail as the first thing a prospect sees. Beleive me. you’ll do 10 times as much business if you answer the majority of the calls yourself. it won’t take long for you to feel confident with what you will say.

Good Luck


I’ve got two great companies that I use. I use a company out of Seattle called Solaxis for an 800# with multiple mailboxes for selling houses. There is email notification when anyone calls in and captures their # and the messeges come as a wav. file so you can listen to them. I also use this # as our fax and just print them off the computer–couldn’t be easier. There are other features that I don’t even utilize.

The other co. is Voice Connect from Atlanta, they also have mailboxes but we use them for their live operator service for buying houses. You are emailed a script with all the relevant questions answered. I chose them over Patlive because of negative things I’d heard about their service–people haging up and too long of a wait on hold etc. I’ve never used them so I don’t know for sure–also have heard good things.

Hope that helps.

Hello I have found Toll Free Live .com to be a great service provider unlike a lot of those other companies that sock it to you.


I have used this company for a while. They are pretty good. www.dx-dy.com. The Corner Cube is what they call it. It is prepaid. You can set it up for auto pay on your credit card. Plans start at just $12 a month. Real cheap. Great Service though.

I use Proquest Technologies and put my toll free number on Everything, from direct mail to business cards, to letters, to websites, to flyers and magazine advertising. I find the system useful, practical, a great lead generator and a marketing tool which can beat other systems. Try it.

Kenneth Fach

Keeping it simple: Cell phone with voicemail, and www.efax.com.

I also use www.tollfreelive.com.

I like them so far. You can get your voicemail via .wav file in your e-mail. They are pretty cheap AND the plan that I have has 500 free minutes per month and 4.9 cents/minutes.

The only thing that I wish that they supported was fax service.

www.gotvmail.com by far superseeds any other vmail site i have tried and used… Allot of features and very well priced.

www.voicenation.com is great. For $4.95/mo you get a toll free number, call reports, fax to email, message delivery to email. Good people too