800 Numbers

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for suggestions regarding setting up my toll free 800 number for my REI business. I’ve heard good things about Skype, good things about Packet8 and bad things about Vonage

Are there any others out there? Suggestions?

Thank you for your time.

Jerry :smile



I’ll second Rich_in_CT’s FreedomVoice suggestion. I got an 800 vanity number set up quickly and easily using FreedomVoice. You can do everything online without having to talk to anyone.


I use freedomvoice.

If you find/have your own 800 number, how much do they usually charge?

coatelecenter is a flat fee (unlimited minutes) of $34.95/month.

If you want something really simple you can also go with www.kall8.com which is only $2/month plus 6.9 cents a minute.

I am thinking of ordering the 877 number just to reserve it in case one day I need an 800 number. I have a real nice to remember local marketing number. I guess I can use the 877 on my signs. Not sure yet.

I wouldn’t use an old recycled 800#. You might get calls from an old business

just go with one of the newer exchanges. Just say “toll free” on your advertising mats

If you are relying on a vanity number for memorability you will get a MUCH higher response with the 800 exchange then 888/877/866/etc.

There have been a lot of tests in marketing circles to prove this out, but if you want people to recall your number from memory, 800 is toll free.

Everything else makes the customer think to hard.

Again, Vanity number does not have to be a toll free number. It could be a local number that is easy to remember. Not sure whats the hang up on being an 8xx number.

fadiz -

You are correct, a vanity number doesn’t have to be toll free.

I’m speaking more from a psychological perspective. All else being equal, for the same level of marketing, you’ll get more calls for 800-abc-defg than from 972-abc-defg or 888-abc-defg.

This may only matter as you get into spending a lot of money on advertising. If you are spending a few hundred dollars a month it’s unlikely you’ll notice the difference between 800, local or “non-800 toll-free” vanity numbers.