800 numbers instead of direct line..necessary?

…for those of you who advertise in the local newspaper, do you feel it’s necessary, or that you’re leeds are increased when you use an 800 line that goes to VM instead of your person direct line?

Usually 800 number turn people off. I have heard from many who said they started getting calls once they switched from an 800 to a local number.

I have had a 877 vanity number since X-mas and it has been working pretty well. I have it on bus stop benches here in Chicago and I get more responses from that than the 312 # that is listed in the same font on the bench. If you are going to use the 800 number to help brand yourself with other marketing collateral pens, postards, "1-800-ryan-pal "etc then I say do it…But if is just any old 800 number, I would just pass…


I would always recommend that the number go to a pre-recorded message first. Then, after hearing about some of the ways that you can benefit the seller, they have the option of speaking to an operator.

This doesn’t take any time out of your schedule (you should be buying and selling houses…not talking on the phone) and you know that the seller can talk to a third party when they might not have felt comfortable talking with you directly.

I’ve had positive experiences either way. The key is not whether or not to have an 800#, but what happens when the seller calls it. If they know that they’re getting a FREE recorded message as opposed to having to talk to someone when they’re already embarrassed about the situation they’re in, they’re more likely to call.

Big Cheese

Ask yourself what you would want to see, either with local vs 800, and live voice vs recorded messages. If YOU are calling, what do you want, and what are you looking for?

I would rather call a local number than an 800 number, because who knows where the 800 number actually is. I think people feel more comfortable with local numbers.

As for recorded messages, automated trails, or voice mail, I hang up and call someone else. I want to TALK to someone, not listen to a recording or an endless trail of pushing numbers. How many calls might you lose because the person on the other end wants to actually TALK to a person?

I’ve been using a short text number from Realtyunwired in my newspaper ads. People feel more comfortable in just getting the info rather than speaking to the person directly. The best part is that I can call them back since the service gives me the cell phone from where they text messaged from. Since I’m a realtor too I can use almost all the inquires since most of them are looking to buy a house soon.

I’ve gotten about 20% inquiries off my newspaper ads since using this.

just my .02 cents…