800 number

I was wondering is there any real advantage to having an 800 number opposed to a regular area code number?

If you live in a city that has multiple area codes, then an 800 number might be easier for sellers. If you find a good vanity number that is easy to remember, then that is better to the seller as well.

When you have an 800 number you will be paying for all the phone calls to that number. Remember it is free for the caller, not the callee…

ok thanks

hey joker…i read somehwere that people tend to be more receptive to a local number rather than 800#…i actually own a few 800#'s for my other business (mortgage consultant) and it has been decent at best…

if you are sending out marketing or placing ads in the paper then i would recommend a toll free number with multiple extensions

reasons for this are as follows

1-you can track your ads and see what is working ---- each ad or postcard will have a unique box number that will allow you to identify where people are calling you from and determine what part of your marketing is working
2-you dont have to be a slave to your phone. when people are expecting a live person and they dont get one then it’s my experience that that the will hang up. Using a toll free recorded message lets them know that they have to leave a message… allows you to screen your calls and only call back the leads that have the best chance of converting. it will also allow you to NOT be at the mercy of your phone
3-professional - appearance of being more professional with the 800#

if i think of anything else i will repost

I want to set-up an 800 number, would you suggest which company has these types of services and affordable rates? Thanks!