800 number marketing

I have been marketing my business in small hometown papers and the “penny saver” papers for buying properties. I think the ad is good but I am using my 800 number as the callback number. What response has anyone had with their 800 number versus using a local number? I want to continue using my 800 voice mail service since it is cheap and flexible to use, but I have so far had no response to the 800 number. I have a feeling that a local number would dramatically increase call volumes(anything would be better than 0!) as other ads I used were placed using my home number and I was flooded with calls. Thanks in advance for your responses!

I don’t use an 800 number because to me it doesn’t seem “local”. Try a local number and see what difference it makes.

But what about the ability to record messages and track which ads are pulling calls? I like the fact that I can have a voicemail system that is separate from my phone and I can record multiple messages for buying and also renting my homes. Any thoughts about this and still having a local number? I used to have on my Windows 95 pc a program that would turn your pc into a voicemail systems with extensions, but I can’t find anything cheap for xp. I don’t mind purchasing a separate business line to the house if I need to.

you could get a local number and forward it to your 800 number

“800 numbers” (actually ‘toll-free’ numbers) do not exist except in software at the telephone company’s central office. They generate a toll-free number and then point it to your local telephone number. You then pay for the service by the minute of usage. The number you point it to still works. Anyone calling either number will get you. You don’t need to forawrd anything…just publish both numbers!



robob320 probably purchased service through http://www.automatedmarketingsolutions.com/ or something similar. The 800 number/toll free number is not seperate from the voicemail system that he uses, they come together as a package. So the local number that he uses would have to point back to the voicemail system if he wants to still keep using it to track responses. This could get expensive if your phone company charges forwarding fees.

IMO (In my opinion), keep using the toll free number and insert a local number that you can forward for free. I know if you point the local number to a phone then you could use the phone to forward the calls. If you use Vonage then you can use the system to forward the calls. To keep tracking you will have to keep good records of missed calls on your phone or calls on your phone bill. Then relate them to the incoming call on your 800 number. Time and date stamping is important to match your results.

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