$8,000 for a Yard Sign

I havnt put out many yard signs yet. But I do put a few in my own yard, I Buy Houses for CASH. The last few years I’ve probably got 8-10 calls. Most turned out to be useless but I thought one of these days those signs will pay off.
And guess what? Roberta who lives in my neighborhood says she is helping her Mom sell her house cuz Mom is going into a rest home, and she just happend to see my sign.
It’s a nice updated 2,000 SF 3/2 home in an older area and the comps came in at 160K
I didnt want to insult Roberta with a phone call and low ball offer so I sent her an offer by mail of $102,500 I did have an indication of her motivation when she told me they didnt want to go thru a Realtor and just wanted to sell fast. Amazingly she calls back a few days later and says they will accept my offer. I emailed her my contract and quickly got it back signed.
I added 10K to the price and called my buyer. It didnt take him long to get over there and inspect the place. He tells me the air con unit needs to be replaced wants me to call the seller and ask for a reduction in price. Roberta, seemed almost angry that I had the audacity to ask and went on about what a good deal it was and her mother needed every cent etc etc.
I said OK let me see if I can work this out with my partner.
I lowered my assignment fee to $8,000 and were starting escrow in the morning.
I now love bandit signs and maybe I shud get off my keester and start plastering the 200 I got around town.
Let’s make some money…

My buyer called me Friday morning and said the Title company was recording today. I said does that mean we get paid. He says “I think so” He’s a Realtor and he made $4,300 flipping to his buyer. And I made the big 8K.
A few hours later I get an email that checks are ready. I jumped in my car and made the 20 minute drive to the Title Company, a girl came out in the lobby and I asked do you have a check for me? I heard a girl in the back say, I finally get to meet Randy Phillips. Her name is Sherane, the head Title girl and even though I’ve done about 10 deals thru her we had never met. She comes out all smiles and it was like we were old friends. She ushered me into her office.
She filled me in on all the gossip on my 2 buyers and asked if I wanted to jump up to the biggest player in town. She gave me his name and number and email address and told me this guy has the money and he’s been asking about you. I had to promise not to tell my regular buyers that she gave me this treasured info.
I told her about the half dozen other deals I had going and she says “wow your on fire”.
I walked out there feeling like I had a insider friend. Last month I mailed her $100 in gift certificates to Outback Steak house and $100 in cash because she helped me get a new buyer at the last minute when my regular buyer cudnt close. Which cud be part of the reason she was so friendly and nice.
The best part, My seller Roberta emailed me to say thank you for helping her sell her Mom’s house so quickly and painlessly.
With my other few deals I did this month I got a growing bank account. I got this urge to upgrade my 98 Toyota to a gorgeous Newer Honda Accord. But, I’ve been reading books on successful people they all say not to spend your money on liabilities and to save 10% I’m saving 50%
I got another big check I’m picking up Tuesday and got thousands of yellow letters going out next week. Time to kick ass and chew gum, and I’m all out of gum.
I still want to thank Dean for all the motivation and making me believe I could do this.
Let’s make some MONEY…

Ok now I’m jealous ! :