749 middle score 100% investment property

Seller has not seasoned property (owned 1 month)

Seller bought in distress sale for 58K
Is selling for 80K

Buyer is full doc / 100% LTV /

What lenders are out there?

Aegis will do it with their prime 200 product without a lot of hassel.

Looking at about a 6.25% on the first(10/1 ARM w/pp) (80/20 combo) and 9.875 (30 Y Fixed) on the second.

These rates are based on full doc, Owner-occupied, SFM and the credit score provided.

If it’s NOO your going to get spanked on rate. Pay 2pts for a 13.75% on the 2nd (30/15) and an 8.125% (3 year arm w/ 3 year pp) on 1st.

The Problem is it’s only been 1 month!

If he/she bought the property for 58K he/she will have to PROVE that there has been improvements on the property to sell it at 80K
for 100%

If there is a Lender, which Aegis is one of my Lenders, Please let me know… UNLESS the home has been repaired, and brought up to market value.

Please let me know inquiring minds would like to know.


Do it commerically, on a residential, done through an LLC, no seasoning required, can do 80% LTV, and looking at 2,000 in lender fees, and a rate of 7.75%. 25 yr am, 10 yr term, 5 yr fixed.