70% LTV Needed for $5M property

I am looking for ANY kind of financing including joint venture / cosigners etc. This deal is THAT good. $5M waterfront property with leasable restaurant all brand new renovation. Owner became ill with cancer and closed in 2005 in order to sell. We were under contract for 1 year and our hard money lender disappeared with our $66K security deposit, the property went into bankruptcy / foreclosure along with nearly $150K in earnest money. Our hope of owning this property went down the drain with the lender. Is there anyone that might be interested in a joint venture 50/50. I will entertain any reasonable offers. It is now REO and listed at 50% FMV

If the deal is THAT good, it should be gone already. Good luck!

Not everyone that call themselve lenders are lenders. You got to be carefull always. Such amount of money should be taking to the closing and not paid up front.
With 50% LTV, joint venture is possible. lenders are interested in such deals.