70% LTV: Bank Statements or Stated - Purchase (California)

PLEASE HELP! I have a scenario for a Purchase (California). Borrower is looking for a no-hassle loan with less conditions. Closing Escrow scheduled for 03/15/18.

Full Package

$380,000 Price
$266,000 Loan Amount
70% LTV
595 FICO (No Collections)
23% DTI
30 Yr. Fixed Preferred (Any program OK)
Owner Occupied

Will Buy Down the maximum if allowed

24 Month Bank Statements - MUST use 2 (Personal) Bank Accounts (Average Monthly Deposits = $18,000)

Stated OK

Hard Money OK


No Payment Shock - Current monthly payments = $2,790.00

Please reply ONLY if you can do this loan. Time is of the Essence!