65 mpg from FORD


Going to Europe… runs on diesel.

The U.S. version will run on gas and get 40 MPG.

Ford decided NOT to bring the diesel here because prices for diesel fuel are currently running higher than gas. This is due to taxes placed on diesel by the FEDS for the trucking industry.

This car is receiving RAVE reviews from everyone who drives it.

This is the first step in an ONSLAUGHT of new models Ford will be bringing over from Europe. In Europe Ford is INCREASING it’s market share by 9 - 10% per year. Those are the same increases Toyota is now seeing in the States. Gee, I wonder what would happen if all those Toyota TOASTERS on wheels suddenly got some competition from cars that actually handled well and ran as good or better?? My bet would be that you just might see a SURGE in the sales numbers from Ford. Now let me think…if a car company is selling MORE cars than it did the previous year, that could lead to MORE INCOME!!! I wonder what WALL ST. would make of such an event???

It’s as hard as you wanna make it folks!!!

As I don’t have the cash for options, I’m doing a DCA into Ford. My plan is to pay for at least one of my children’s tuition with the proceeds. :beer

that’s sweet! i think I’m gonna get myself one of that… someday, after i sell a big property :open_mouth:

100 miles away from home.