55% LTV, 630 score needs funding FAST

Anyone know of a HML that can work in Kansas City, MO?
630 is my middle FICO score. All my investments are under 60% LTV including repairs and purchase price. Looking for a lender that is comfortable doing stated income, low doc. loans that can close under two weeks. minimum loan requirement $30k. Low liquid assets. Let me know if anyone out there thinks they can do business with a customer like that. Have 6 other investors looking for a similar lender.
Thanks in advance for the feedback

Are you looking for rehab loans that are based upon the arv and include purchase, fix up, cost, and sometimes payments?

Yes, I am looking for a loan that is based on the after repair value including purchase, repair, closing cost and maby 6 months of interest payments in escrow. Got anything?

Try looking in the HML section to the left. Iknow Commercial Lending LLC ( www.investormoney.us ) will work with those numbers and they come highly recommended from a business associate of mine. She deals with them all of the time with her investments in Baltimore. They don’t use credit, only the numbers on the actual investment which is a bonus and how a “true” HML is suppossed to work.

Appreciate the reply. I’ll check them out.