512 FICO score need financing

Wanting to purchase a home. Been told with low credit score no loans are available to me. Need advice on how to get home loans with low credit score.

Did they tell you that you could get at least 80%?

Fix your credit and become trustworthy!!!


Where can they get 80% with a 512 mid score?

69% LTV Stated with a 512 mid is doable.

Depending on the state this is in, there’s a lender that will go to 95% full doc down to a 500fico…

Hey Mike quit it with the attitude!

With Full Income documentation, you can get a loan with 85LTV from a variety of subprime lenders.

what about Stated VOE only?

Usually 75LTV for Stated, but there’s a lot of other factors that come into play. Questions such as W-2 or self-employed, time since last bankruptcy/foreclosure, any mortgage lates, first time homebuyer??? Not to mention, is the 512 score a middle score, high or low score?

Mortgage Mike? Everyone’s gonna get us confused! hahaha. nice name man.

Yes, there are very flexible lenders out there. Please don’t listen to people who say it can’t be done at all. Honestly, you can get a loan even if you’re below 500 nowdays. Not 100%, or even70%, but you can get a loan.

Honestly, you can get a loan even if you're below 500 nowdays. Not 100%, or even70%, but you can get a loan.

Mark, who are you using for sub 500 loans?


Delta Funding is one company who will do sub 500 scores.

I don’t have any specific lender in mind as I very rarely come across these loans, but check out weirdloans.com. A guy in my office just funded a loan using a lender from that website.

A 512 FICO can get you 90% LTV Full Doc
and 80% STATED.

You may also want to look into various commercial and non-profit organizations that’ll help you purchase the house while working on your credit. Here are a couple of good places to start.


I have no affiliation with any of them so I don’t know how good they are but they have a lot of great information on their sites. I found them while doing research for a project of mine.

Good luck.