50 Unit TH Build Out

Does anyone know of a lender that provides straight financing for a purchase and build out? We have all work done. Engineering, plans, approved permits, broker to market, sell, etc.

What we do not want is a lender that wants 3 points upfront, this, that and 6 months to close the deal. We need the money for this in 14 days. The land is 2.9m. We are going to take in nearly 3.5m in deposits which will go towards construction, and we need a 4 million to finish. Exit? Pay all when construction is complete. The net profits are going to be around 14-15 million.

More deals available which are similar.

To many con’s out there, we just want to have No more run arounds. Thanks to all! :slight_smile:

Have you ever heard of a construction to perm loan. A lot of clients don’t know about these type of program.

                                                                     Garland Piggot

Yes i have. Do you need that or you need info on it?

14 days? Where does the lender make any money if he does not charge points or PPP?