50% Rule breakdown

I was wondering if it is possible to give a general breakdown for the 50% expenses in the 50% rule? I think this can be extremely helpful for the newbies among us to predict the future cashflow potential for a property.
My guestimate:
8% Vacancy (1 month/year)
10% Maintenance
10% Management
10% Taxes (???, I’m not in the USA, pls feel free to update)
1% Insurance
1% Advertising/marketing
10% Other (eviction, lawsuit, unforeseen, etc)

Hope to see a lot of updates from the experienced investors :biggrin

Greetz, Raymond

There are some very informative threads that have covered this topic extensively in depth. I would suggest doing some searching for them. You won’t have to search far.

As per your question, it would be silly for someone who may live 1k miles from you to breakdown percentages. Taxes and insurance will fluctuate too.