A burned out landlord contacted me yesterday with 5 units- a duplex- each 2/1 with a house in back- a 2/1
another duplex each 2/1
2 houses each 3/1.
All rented with long time renters. All remodeled within last 7 yrs. Rents are below market rent. $2800/mo.
She wants cashed out- no sub to, no owner financing nothing fancy.
I ran comps on zillow, eppraisal and toledo home values
come out to about $180k. She wants $95k, open to an offer.
Located in east Toledo,ok neighborhood.
Advice please.

Wow if u had credit and could agree to an 80-90K price, then with a decent low interest rate you could have one heck of a positive cash flow.
Or even find a partner with credit.
Or Wholesale it to one of the local investors for a fast 20K assignment fee.
Or get a realtor to help you sell it for 150K and make a clean 40K+
Or, I will take it off your hands for $10,000