5 days rental needs to pay sales tax?

I have a cleint wanting to rent my apartment for 5 days for $50 per day.This is the first time I rent 5 dyas.Usually I rent 12 months.
Since it’s vacant,I thought I might as well rent for 5 days.

Question;I was told I need to collect sales tax from my tenant who rent 5 days?
Lease 30 days and above no need to collect sales tax.
Is this true?If so can I ask him to sign 30 days and then he break the lease after 5 days?

Advice appreciated.


I’m not sure about sales taxes, but I know from some recent research that anything under 30 days in a the area I was looking at was liabile for transit occupant taxes (TOT) also know as hotel taxes. Thus I would assume you are liable for sales tax.

With that said, for a one-off situation and $250, I’m not sure anybody is really going to care.