$5,000 Errand Boy

My fav buyer called me this morning at 8 AM and tells me he has a deal for me.
Then he asked if I cud help his buyers get into 2 houses he was selling.
He explains they are buying 5 houses and 2 they cudnt get into.
It seems they are occupied by squatters. He then proceeds to tell me if I can get the squatters to allow the inspector and the buyers inside he will pay me $5,000 Of course I can do it.
The first house I show up at 10:30 AM, I knock on the door for 10 minutes, then I start knocking on the windows, there are several cars in the driveway and I can hear dogs barking inside. There is also an older lady parked out in the street and I walk out to talk to her. It seems she is the inspector. She tells me they were there yesterday but nobody wud answer the door.
Well, I wasnt about to kiss that 5 grand away so easily. I went back to the porch and knocked some more. Finally a young guy named Gabriel opens the door. I tell him we are buying the house and were not there to kick them out but we just want to do an inspection. Quite a few people came crawling out. It was actually a nice house and they had a nice sofa and a big TV, but no heat and it was about 35 degrees in there. The inspector was taking her sweet time, even photographing the sidewalk and driveway, she even had a ladder to do the attic.
I decided to go to the second house which was a few miles away. The buyers followed me over. Again I knocked for 10 minutes and then started knocking on the windows.
Then I just stood on the porch.
I wasn’t going anywhere, that 5 Grand was like a carrot on a stick. Finally a woman answers the door and is she pissed. I told he I was sorry, and gave her the same story. She said she was having medical problems and I told her she looked good and then told me it was her birthday. I let her tell me her story and she got more friendly.
She agreed to let the inspector and the buyers in, and I headed home.
Is it beneath me to be an errand boy? Next time will he ask me to take out the garbage and wash the windows? It was actually fun, took about 2 hours. I like practicing my people skills. This is the same buyer that paid me 10 grand 6 months ago to help him save an apartment deal. He’s also purchased about 30 or more of my deals in the last 2 years and made me a ton of money.
But, I still feel like a high paid lowly errand boy.
What wud you do for 5 Grand?


It’s $2500/hr. Never be too proud to make a buck.


I have done worse for much less! 


Haha, so have I, so have I.

My life b4 real estate was getting up at 6 AM, driving to a job and a Boss I didn’t enjoy. Putting it mildly.
Working all day doing construction, working with dangerous saws and planers and nail guns & ladders etc.

I wud bring home about $500 a week after expenses. It was horrible, a decent apartment in my city is $1,000 a month. With kids and utilities & car payments and insurance, how in the frik can you survive on that?
I was devastated when the housing market crashed and I lost my job. Of course now, It seems it was the best thing that cud have ever happened.

And now I can make 5 grand in 2 hours bcuz I learned to wholesale junk houses and built some friendships with the players.

Let’s take action and make some Money…



Rando I helped a fellow investor friend by going out of my way about an hour each way off the freeway to look at a property in small town Washington state in early August, I told this investor he was asking a lot and he said I'll give you $500 bucks, please help me out as I don't know anyone there and you go by there frequently on your way to Alaska and Canada.

So I agreed and met the realtor at the property who basically unlocked it and said “Got to run, lock the door and pull it shut on your way out” this was maybe 1:30 or 2:00 in the afternoon, quiet small town so I grabbed a flash light and went about my business, looking this house over from basement through two levels and an attic access stairway.

So I get back out and my legs and arms are itching, the light wasn’t very good inside but outside I could very clearly see the problem, the house was over run with fleas, dog and cat fleas! I looked down and my blue jeans were basically black jeans from mid thy down to my boots, and although I could still see the tan leather of the boots my boots were more black than tan.

My arms, torso, etc. covered in a pretty good amount of fleas, luckily I have always carried a can of flea and tick spray and proceeded to kill literally thousands of fleas, luckily a neighbor let me hose the stuff off which meant soaked pants, shirt, etc. I had to grab an unplanned hotel room in town and actually took off, boots, shirt and pants quickly at the door to take a shower and change.

I don’t think I had any live fleas on me but the flea and tick spray stank to high heaven and a hot shower couldn’t happen quick enough!

It took me 4 or 5 hours for driving, walking the house, shower and using a laundry mat to wash my clothes.

So $2,500 an hour sure sounds good! This by the way happened almost 20 years ago!