4closures listed in paper good or not?

Are these worth my while? Are they already being picked over by other investors? I’m starting to build my deceased persons list and hope to get somewhere at the court house tomorrow. Has any1 ever got anywhere with the probate process?

Newspaper leads will work. Just harder to get because of the competitors in your area. You can succeed with them! Keep adding more to the list and it’s a numbers game…use all resources to get new customers…why not?

Thx a lot for that. I guess I won’t forward those on to my investors since they have the same access. Could this still possibly be a good lead for them? I’m bird doggin btw.

Yes, but No…they can get them already for free…send them anyways…it’s just taking some work off their back…why not?

Sounds good. I guess I’ll just forward the name and add. Guess it couldn’t hurt. Is there anything else I can do with these leads that would beef it up a little? I mean if I can only get a name and add that’s what I’ll have to go with. I just want to send something “valuable”. Thx for your help.

What state are you in? You can get info such as…name, address, mortgage company, who holds the title, maybe est. payoff, comps, photos, etc

Depends on what state your in, I can direct you in the right direction.

I’m in AL.