43K listed worth of rehab, but no bldg permit?

A home was listed with 43K worth of rehab and I checked for a bldg permit but no permit existed. Is this possible? ??? ???

As long as the work is “cosmetic” then no permit should be required.

oh ok… thanks!

What if the sale price says questionable?? on the tax assesor’s public records?
I was a little concerned about the sale price of a few homes on a street where a lot of rehabbing is going on and few bldg permits listed.
I posted this as question in a forum but no response.
I apologize for mis-posting.

In New Jersey you may need a permit to hang a ceiling fan or change an outlet. Or in even plant a tree. It varies by town here and building permits are a source of revenue for these small towns. So check with the township to see what requires a permit.