40,000.00 unsecured line of credit where is the best place to get it?

Hi, I am looking to get a 40,000.00 unsecured line of credit. What is the best way to go about it? And should it start with my bank or will other sources have a better rate? What kind of fico will this require? Thanks and look forward to your guidance

What are the terms for repayment?


How does that work? I am very interested.

Below are lenders that will do up to 50K unsecured.

The lines I did receieve were all stated income and were based on personal and business credit scores. Here are some lenders that do these types of unsecured lines.

  1. Wells Fargo

  2. BOA

  3. AMEX

  4. GE

  5. First Horizon

  6. Capital One

  7. Citibank

  8. US Bank

  9. Chase

  10. WAMU

i am in the process of getting 250k without a personal guarantee, and a company thats brand new. obviously it costs, but so far is well worth it considering i tried on my own and got about 10k in 3 months.