4-plex, New Mailboxes in new location?

Ok so I have a 4-plex in a common area and the mailboxes are situated with many others and look pretty sad.

What are my options to relocate my 4 mailboxes in front of the building? Do I need to file any paperwork with the Post Office?

Recommendations down this road?


I take it this 4 plex is in a group of 4 plexes sitting together?

If that’s the case you probable can not move your building’s mail box as when this was built brand new there was a application by the original developer that was approved for placement as a group!
It takes more time for a mail carrier to delivery to say a group of boxes in front of each building, than it does to slip mail into 20 or 30 boxes in one location.

I seriously doubt that you can change the structure, however you can get all the 4 plex owners to agree to share the cost equally to replace all the boxes. You will still need postal service approval and approved US Mail type boxes!


Hmmm… Thanks for the info, I didn’t think it would be that easy.

I’ll have to get in touch with the other owners and see what we can do. These things are seriously beat up.