4 plex first time investment no money down?


I’ve been reading this site for the last half hour, you all have some great info on here! I’m a first time investor looking to create some cash flow to help with bills. I’m looking at a 4 plex in Columbia, South Carolina asking 330k. If If I buy for 315k and get a good rate financing will there be room for any positive cash flow? The P/L sheet lists 39k gross profit with 22k being profit after repairs, taxes etc. My credit is fairly good and half the units are S8 so there would be some reassurance to a bank that money will be coming in. Is this a way to get some positive cash flow from the get go? If not, what is the best real estate investment to get some cash coming in each month without a ton of money down?



The $22K represents the money that you have left to service debt and for your cashflow. $22k is $1833 per month. A 7% loan on $283,500 (the $315K minus 10% that you will most likely need to come up with from somewhere) for 30 years is $1886 - $53 per month negative. At 6.5% the payment would be $1792 for a $41 positive…

This is a VERY thin deal IF you can get 6.5% money and come up with $31,500 from somewhere (at 0%)…

$17K seems like a lot for maintenance, insurance, taxes, etc…check the numbers to see what went into that calculation. Also, are the rents at market for the area?