4 plex detached financing question

I am going to buy a 4 unit property (residential). However, three units are attached and the fourth is detached (all on the same lot). Will lenders consider this a residential loan?

Generally speaking, 1-4 unit apartment buildings are considered residential properties.

As long as the 4th (seperated unit) is on the same lot, I believe that you will be OK.

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Scott Miller

Yes, they will consider this to be a 4 unit property.

What your appraiser needs to be careful of is that there are other comparable properties being used with a simliar structure.

Also similar properties for rent comparison.

If they can find these properties within a reasonable distance you may have what the lenders call a “white elephant”. Just another name for a very unique property which a larger % of lenders then will not touch.

This will probably go as a 4 unit residential as long as they are on the same lot.
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Ronald Sampson