4 Hour Work Week

A book written by Timothy Ferriss. I’ve started to come across people that believe this to be the quintessential kool-aid, er, ummm, I mean gospel - or something like that. Has anybody read this book? Any believers? Is it just another get-rich-quick_quick-fix?

It’s not get rich quick.

Just ideas to help you make your time more efficient as well as some businesses that may interest you that could be run on less than full time.

This book is “okay” for people that want to work less, and “enjoy” life more. Like travelling, bla bla bla.

Not for me though.

I read the book and thought it was fantastic…But, I already work for myself so it is a bit easier to implement some of his techniques than it would be if I had a traditional 9-5

I think there is alot of filler space in the american work week that might be much better spent being with family and actually living.

He does have some very insightful ideas about our seriously diluted sense of retirement…You know the one that most of us will never get too, and when we do, we already have one foot in the grave. I like tims idea about mini retirements.

My father in law was a great guy but had a very bad case of “Someday Syndrome”, someday when I retire I will start enjoying things. Then 1 month after retirement he got pancreatic cancer and died within 5 months.

If you look at many of the people around you they are “Very good at preparing to live, but very bad at living”

I read it and liked it but I had some trouble relating to it. The problem for me is his lifestyle is not what I want. But it is a message that I need to get though my thick head.

His basic principal is nothing new - delegate less important things to others. What is unique to him is he gives you lots of references and examples of how he did it.

If you can relate to it it is a great book, If not it is still a worthwhile reference.

The Four Hour Workweek impacted my life in a profound way. As I write this I am sitting in Bogota Colombia.

Some key reflections to point out about the book though.

  1. People won’t work for $4/hr anymore. Several of the places Tim Ferriss recommends are now $12-16/hr.

  2. You don’t want overseas operators (India, China, Peru) answering your phone. It pisses you off when you have to talk to them, why would you expect your customers are any different.

  3. The American dollar is a bit in the toilet right now. Traveling abroad full-time isn’t the happy Dollar-Goes-Further vacation it once was.

Aside from that, the book really helps to open your eyes to the possibilities. Having written a book I will tell you there is no way he wrote that book on 4-hours per week.