4 family conversion to Duplex - question about drywall/concrete

I found a building that has 4 units (2 bedrooms 1 bath each) that i think would be a great conversion to a 2 family apartment. The structure of the building is 2 units stacked on top of each other (as shown in the below diagram with the units sitting side by side sharing a common wall.

unit3 |unit4
unit1 |unit2

I am checked to see if there was a way to link unit 1 and 2 together to make one unit in addition to linking unit 3 and unit 4 together to make another unit which will result in 3 bedroom each.

I checked in the living room closet for unit 1 and unit 2 to check whether the wall that was shared was drywall or concrete. It is in fact concrete to my surprise.

With that said do you think it is still possible to join these two units? I looked in all the closets in the units and this is still the case.

I’m not sure about your remodeling question but why would you want to change a 4 unit into a 2 unit ??

also if they’re all 2 bedroom units wouldnt combining them make them 4 bedroom units ??

2 things: If you are going to convert, do it the other way so that you have 2 apartments of 2 stories each. That way you get rid of all the complaints about the noise from the tenants upstairs.

4 bedrooms is much too much space in an apartment. You will get families with 12 children, and blended families of 3 generations plus 3 other couples unrelated. Standard small families don’t need 4 bedrooms and won’t pay the extra money to get the extra bedroom.

I wouldn’t rent out a 4 bedroom house, let alone an apartment.

I too think your idea merits further consideration of the future headaches and loss or $$$.

However, to cut through the concrete and install a steel support would be simple but costly due to dust containment and labor. All that would need to be done would cut a hole and provide support underneath. I would find and Architecht or structural engineer to look at it the money would be well spent and headache proof the process.