$300 to spend getting started with my wholesale education.

I’m ready to take the next step in my decision to be a RE investor. Get the knowledge to invest. My first initial outlay for educational materials is $300.00. There are so many options and I want to do the best with what I have at this time. Im in the North Texas area. What are realistic goals for a 12 month period of wholesale investing for a new investor.


Save your $300 dollars and read everything you can get for free, then decide at some point whether you need further education or you learned enough to do a deal or made some connections to do something with another investor.

There is a whole lot to read for free before you spend your dollars.


agreed :biggrin

I agree with the others about saving your money and reading as much as possible in forums of various websites. Youtube videos are a good source too.

Where you might need to spend money is on a website with a squeeze page, business cards, bandit signs and membership in your local REIA club.

Of course running ads in Craigslist is a great source for sellers.

My Craigslist hint…

It must be that people in default can’t sleep, because I get most of my squeeze page responses, from my Craigslist ad, at 4:00 AM. Post an ad late in the evening. I post in Real Estate for Sale, Real Estate Wanted, Real Estate Services and Financial Services.

I agree save money and read the free stuff, but also network as much as you can. Go to free realestate events and talk to different people. Also attend some of your local REIA’s. Get to know people who are doing what you are doing.

You could always check on ebay and find a used copy of a wholesale course dirt cheap.

Super Rooster,

Make sure you save at least $100 of that for some marketing materials. This always comes in handy when you are first starting. It give you that extra boost that most new investors don’t have.

You can do it. Just take action!