30 day notice???

Hi my name is mike I am a realtor and my uncle just asked me to manage his 4plex in California and I had a few questions. Please help…

He wants to convert his sober living 4plex into student living housing. He has a few sober living renters he needs to get out of his property and I want to know what is the required amount of days you need to serve a tenant with to vacate the property. 30 days??? He has no leases with the tenants so there not under contract. Also one of the tenants is very sick and does not want to leave. He has been living at the property for a few years and does not have anywhere to go. I want to make sure I can serve this guy with a 30 day notice to leave without getting in trouble.
Please help!!!


It’s California…you need to take a look at California rental law. I’ve read what the vacate time is in California but can’t remember. I’m fairly sure it’s nore than 30 days…for some reason 60 days sticks in my mind. Some of the California landlords will help us out here, though, I’m sure.

Make sure it’s LEGAL!


use this link…many, many of the things you need to know to be a landlord in Calif…


the answer is 30 days. it used to be 60 days for tenants over 1 year but this law sunset on 12/31/05.

Mike in Calif.

Wht is this sober living thing? is it some kind of rehab house or something?

In CA the tenant has an automatic 30 day after notice then you have to serve them again with an additional 30 day at which point they can choose to go to court to challenge or move…

I always thought it was 60 days…

in Calif, there was aperiod of time that a tenant of more than 1 yr had to be given 60 days notice. That law has now expired. Its 30 days, period.