3 porches????


I am currantly looking to buy a sfh that is a reo property. It needs about 20,000 in rehab.It has a front and back porch but also has a small porch with a small roof over it that comes off hte living room? I was think of removing in my rehab but dont know what to do with the doorway from the living room to the existing porch or what to do with the roof. since removing it will require work on the siding at extra cost. I was thinking a window the size of a door with the blinds in between the glass. Maybe to expensive for a rental. Any suggestions?

leave it alone…?

Don’t you think this is a little strange. I dont think it is very appealing to a tenant to have a door to the outside in the living room.

Hi Johnny,

You need to remember that tenants come in all shapes and sizes and it’s not good to judge a property by what we think they will like. Some may like the additional door to the exterior. You won’t know until you start marketing it as a rental. Don’t spend money unless you absolutely have to. I have four criteria for spending money on a rental:

  1. If it will yield a higher return on my investment
  2. If it will maintain or enhance the value of my asset
  3. If it will attract the right tenant, and
  4. If it will retain a good tenant.

Other than that, there is no reason to spend money on a rental.

Hope this helps.


I rented a place with a porch off the living room…it was kind of cool. We never used it but it also didn’t affect my thoughts about the house.

Someone will like it and others won’t care.

I’d spend your money on other things…buy a boat or something.

Smokers might like sitting out there to smoke rather than in your apartment, always a plus.