3-Mile Island Nuclear Cardstock & Paper

Anyone know an online retailer that sells cardstock & paper that is so bright it burns your retinas? I’m talking Chernobyl here. Astrobright by Wausau is ok but not bright enough for what I’m looking to do.

Not sure about retina-burning stock, but you could always try to use that mega-bright florescent yellow poster board and give it some appropriate reinforcement and backing. That stuff is pretty attention-grabbing.

Not certain why the bright paper… Color alone doesn’t make a seller say yes. And can be very annoying. There are always circumstances where you want your color to communicate with the subliminal mind of the seller. Just be careful and understand that there is a difference between a presentation using appropriate color and a presentation using inappropriate color.

When marketing you should always brand your message and understand messages can be seen, heard and felt. They should also be consistent across advertising campaigns assuming you are hoping for maximum penetration. You can begin to run multiple message campaigns once you have hit your wall for lead generation utilizing your current campaign.

An example of how to maximize your campaign would be to mail postcards to your farm then follow that mail up or preempt that mail with a bandit sign campaign or billboard campaign where the signs are very similar to your post card then you will have a great return. Then let’s say you put flyers in the laundry mats in the same area, if those flyers are similar then even a greater response rate. When you do have the opportunity to knock on a door after being invited and hand the seller a business card which also resembles the postcard bill board and laundry mat flyers the impact in the brain of the seller is far greater than mixing up your message.
You have to be very careful of the message you are sending your prospects every step of the way.
I would save the bright paper for lost dogs and cats…

not good for you prospects, they might sue you. :beer