2nd mortgage needed quick

Hello I have a mobile home that sits on 2 lots its a 1984 3bdrm 2 bath home and I need to find some money to fix it up.

The place will appraise out to around 90-110k and I owe 50k is there any lenders that will lend on this type of property, I only need the loan for 90 days while I fix it up and then go get a new first on the mobile home, Im a contractor so I know how to fix it up and I figure 17k will be plenty to get the place done and when the repairs are done the house will then appraise out to atleast 120k.


You may want to try a Wells Fargo or American General Finance office as these “personal” loan lenders can fund you quickly. Sometimes same day. They are more interested in personal property to secure the loan and it is a low loan amount.

Try Nationwide Manufactured Home Financing
I am a loan officer and have worked with them in the past. There are tons of criteria need to refinance a mobile. Give them a call, the specialize in refinancing mobile homes

Thanks to both of you I will try them tomorrow morning and see what they can do for me.