250k unsecured lines for 10%??

i posted this because i’ve been inundated with questions about getting a 250k line of credit. like i told people, i am over half way through the six month process. so far i have received about 100k, and should have the additional 150k soon. the only downfall so far is that it has taken a little longer than expected. you have to pay 5% up front and 5% at the end (payable out of the line of credit). the 250k is guaranteed and there is no personal guarantee, just a credit score of 700+ by yourself or someone willing to act as CFO of your company. they use this score to apply for the lines of credit. once you receive the 250k, the CFO (if it is someone other than you) is fired, thus taking their name off the books. so far i have received different lines of credit ranging from 7500 to 25,000 in both credit cards and bank lines of credit. all have had balance transfer rates (to transfer personal company debt to the new corp) from 0 to 5.99%. i researched this for months, and this is the best way i found to build corporate credit with a brand new company and no money. they set up a nevada c corp for me, as this is what the recommend is the easiest, and quickest way to build lines. hopefully i’ve answered all your questions, but feel free to send any questions you may have.


Thank you for the update, but man oh man is your message box going to fill up quickly with requests for the name of the company. 25K is pretty steep but hey in today’s market if they can follow through on what they say they can do then they can charge whatever they want. The only question I have is on the credit lines that you have received. Are they all open lines or are they for companies like Home Depot, Staples, and places like that? or a combination of both? Or are they all just bank lines of credit?

they are combinations of both. i have one staples card so far, everyhthing else are open lines of credit

:cool are the open lines of credit with banks and how much are they ?? AS well how hard to get money out of ??

With no PG. Nice.

:cool no pg ???

yes, no personal guarantee, and the lines are with both banks and credit card companies. about 100k will be lines of credit from the bank, the rest will be credit card lines. i cant post the company name and/or number, but you can message me if you need it. money is easy to get out. just like a credit card. also, i’ve learned that when building corporate credit, the most important thing is making payments on time. your debt to available credit ratio doesnt matter for your paydex or ability to get more credit as it does with personal credit.

Can you provide the information to these credit builders that you are using? I would like to use them. I already have a C Corp setup… I have Staples, Office Depot, and a couple others already. Can you please post the information so that I can contact them?

The Klozur

Great info.
What’s the company’s name? I’d appreciate it.

i sent it to your email, as i cannot post on here without being flagged. like i mentioned before, email me if you need the info

To all readers of this post. Please use the personal message feature to contact relukeinvest for more information. Due to forum rules he cannot post the name of the company he is using.

LOC’s or cash access credit lines/cc’s without a PG is either for a fortune 500 company with numerous officers with a proven track record, or an illegally formed corp with a fictional CFO, sounds like fraud to me. watch out because lying on a credit app is also fraud whether you do or someone else does it for you. do not trust anyone that says they can get you all this cash access credit w/o a PG. and to boot, you can get it on your own. why pay someone?

the only credit you can get w/o a PG is store cards like office depot, lowe’s etc, and even that is iffy, sometimes they’ll decline it if you don’t have biz score on D&B/Experian/Equifax. frankly the only credit that is really worth it in the end for REI is cash access LOC’s/cc’s and home improvement if your are rehabbing.

if you give an ssn, and with a score of 700 or plus or whatever means they (lenders) are pulling your credit, which means if you ask the right folks at the lender, you are PG’ing. they don’t just look at it. there must be dozens of inquiries on your reports too.

sorry dude but either you are lying or you’ve been had by a liar.

:cool hey tony why the big downer // party poop?

no parties, no poop. :shocked …just no way to get what luke is getting w/o giving a PG dude.

sorry tony, your wrong. call their number and talk to them. they have an attorney that looks over everything, and i also took ran everything by my attorney. its all legal, or i definitely wouldnt be doing it.

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