221 Leads Since March 24th - Here's where they came from.

Total Leads: 221

Lead Source Total Leads To Date
Buying Website: 111
Bandit Signs: 44
Yellow Pages Ad: 25
Driving For Dollars: 15
REO Realtors: 6
Absentee Owners: 5
Wholesalers: 4
Realtors: 3
Referrals: 3
MLS Search: 2
Probate Letters: 2
For Sale By Owner: 1

Great job! What are you doing to drive 111 leads to your buying website?

I’m using adwords, i’m high on the first page for organic search, and I have my website on a lot of my marketing pieces.

Sweet. Out of curiosity, how would you rate the overall quality of your online leads vs your traditionally acquired leads?

I feel that I get more tire kickers with the web leads. But, as you know, all it takes is a few good ones to make some real money.

True indeed. Good stuff, keep up the good work.

Thanks for this. I am slacking on tracking my marketing. Keep it up! :beer

yellow pages ad? that’s a classic one which i’ve heard various view points on. was this the online yellow pages or the book (or do they publish in both?)

as far as your buying web site. were they generated through SEO traffic or actively marketing. if the later, what methods (CL, backpage etc.?)


Good job bro. :beer On you buying website, are you html or using wordpress? About how many pages are you promoting on that site?