$20K to invest in Comm.Real Estate..Need help !

I will be getting $20K soon but rather blow it I’d of course rather “leverage” it. I plan to use $10K to build my personal credit and $10K for business credit. However, I’m looking for a strategy…A robbing peter to pay paul type strategy keeping OPM in mind…Any wise minds out there? :anon

Maybe you can leverage using an MLO. Find a small distressed multi-family (4-8 units). Offer to do a Master Lease Option (you lease the entire building for its current cash flow). Use your funds to improve the building and the units then rent it for maximum amount.

Once its producing higher cash flow, you then sell the building for higher than your purchase option.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Could you explain how does mater plan work?

A Master Lease Option is a great option for someone who wants to purchase commercial real estate and is strapped for cash

I was more so talking about leveraging money…