2006 Rehabbing "Boot Camp"

Has anyone gone through the Rehab Boot Camp offered by
Steve Cook in Baltimore, Maryland ?

Any feedback would be really appreciated !!!

Quechee, VT

No. I have heard of Robyn Thompson rehab boot camp but not Steve Cook.

Hi Miss Thing,

Where do you find info on Robyn Thompson boot camp ?


I have heard great things about her bootcamp and I want to try and make it to the next one.
Read her website and let me know what you think and if you decide to go.
I am trying to work out a rehab deal right now and I wish that I had gone to her bootcamp before but I just kept putting it off.

Check out www.flippinghomes.com…go to EVENTS
That’s Steve Cook’s website…this guy seems pretty dialed in.
I’m in VT so this wouldn’t be to bad going to Baltimore.
I can’t see why either one of these programs could hurt.
Do you think it’s worth $2000 or so ?



My husband and I went to the 2004 Boot Camp Robyn Thompson had. Robyn is an awesome woman and will help if you have questions.

She gives lots of information including forms, how to get and approve buyers. We purchased the video tapes on how to rehab (which you can see on basic shows like “Flip This House” and “Flip That House”). Very helpful in helping us figure out how much to pay and figuring out the cost of repairs on our first multi-family.

I definitly think it is worth $2k. I am going to plan on going to the one in May in Orlando. Hopefully, I can get someone to go with and split the cost. Again, I have not heard of Steve Cook, so I cannot comment.