$200,000 line of Credit

Is it possible to get a $200,000 dollar line of credit unsecure through your business entity?
Thanks to all who could help.

With a personal guarantee. I would love to have a 200k line. That would propell me into full time rental income with the properties I find.

It is possible if you build up your company and have a history of business.

If you just file a new entity, then the next day ask for one, I don’t see that happening.

I came across a site the was emailed to me from the local re club. I am researching biz LOC right now and this company sounds pretty decent. They work only with unsecured lines and do prefer a company that has been seasoned for 2years but doesn’t have to be. I am almost certain that if it is not seasoned you do need a personal gaurentee, and 200K may be pretty excessive but definiteley not impossible. Email me and I will email you the link so you can get more information, just to let you know that i have never used them before but am considering it. Let me know what information you get on anything pertaining to biz LOC.

The answer is yes. Just went thru it. All unsecured but with that risk comes crappy rates, which is ok cause its for holding costs, rehab costs, short term use. 4R is right. You have to have seasoning, good credit etc. to get a nice chunk. I saw on the Net the other day where you could “buy” a ready to made company that had history, biz history, etc. to where you could buy that company and then do what you wanted with it. I forget the fees, costs, etc. that were associated with it.


This site has a banner here and i’ve read about it before

They say you can get up to 200K BLOC Unsecured and anybody can do it with their bank list.
AND none of it will show up on your personal credit report.

I haven’t read anything yet that says the site is a scam…and it’s been around for awhile now.

I’ve gotten a 10K and a 15K BLOCK through First horizon and Costco(business member…through AMEX basically)

Anybody have any Info on the 200K BLOC Plan?


Even with poor rates I’d love to have a line that big, certainly if anyone has additional info post away.

Thats Tom Kish. He is considered a “guru” in the industry, but I have not had first hand experience with him. He is going to be the guest speaker in San Antonio sometime in February and I plan to attend to see what he has to say and will let you guys know.

As personal line of credit, I was qualified for $23k/year. They based it on average monthly income over the past 3 years multiplied by 3. I have not tried the business line of credit yet though.

One of the brokers in town I dealt with told me that she has “commercial” real estate loan program that works like a line of credit for $900k but it must be secured by real estate of 70% LTV at prime+2. The funds would be available much faster since it is considered commercial loan and not residential loan. She offered to introduce me to the bank president in hopes that would improve my chances of qualifying, but I need to sell my rehab first to show strong financial backing first.

somebody somewhere knows Something…this credit system has been around for awhile now.

We work with people to help them build business credit and help them get a business lines of credit.