20-30 bandit signs, but wait....

are you talking about 20-30 intersections or would you consider signs on all 4 streets of the intersection 4 different signs?

Does anyone have anything to say about this?

I think anyone with common sense would consider each individual sign as “1”. Or I could put 50 in one intersection and count them as 1…? pretty sure everyone would see them then!

Ron, it’s up to you. Nobody here can tell you how many signs to put out. If you want more leads…put out more signs.

Right. I wasn’t sure when people say put out x number of signs if they meant x number of intersections. I my area 20 signs (4 at all roads to an intersection) would such a small area seeing that we are a large metro city.

True Brian, BUT the more signs Ron puts out the more he will become a target of CE. There has to be a balance. On the highway, the speed limit is 65. Technically going over the speed limit is "breaking the speed “limit” and is also “breaking the law”. Good luck finding any body on the highway actually traveling at the posted speed limit. Cops won’t enforce the speed limit law if a person is merely going 5 to 6 miles over the limit even though that is their job to do. If a person is going 10 mph and over the limit, then that person is going to get nailed. Bandits Signs follow the same logic. Code Enforcement most of the time isn’t going to get hostile with a person sparingly putting out signs in low non eyeshore numbers, however if the person gets OBNOXIOUS in the amount, they will draw the heat from CE and rightfully so. It all comes back to “balance”.

Exactly, so stretch them sons uh bitches out.

I think I may just place 10 strategically in each of the 4 cities surrounding me. I get 40 signs out and only have to worry about the CE in each city seeing 10.