2 Questions, Mentor & 1800buyquick?

A two part question here. I was just wondering if anyone has had a mentor? I have the opportunity to be mentored by one of the biggest real estate investors in town. This mentorship dos not come cheap (understandibly) it is at the tune of 10K. Just wondering if anyone has paid for mentorship, and what your feelings are on it.

My second questions is about “1800-buy quick” marketing system, has anyone used them before, and with any success? Sounds like a good system, just wanted your thoughts about them.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Deal maker

That is alot of money to pay a local mentor. Have you checked out his references and spoke to other investors that know him and been trained by him. Does he run a local REIA club as many that do will mentor students.
What kind of splits is he offering you on deals. I know by me, they have 2 clubs with the presidents offering mentoring. One club charges $1000 upfront and then it is $100 a month for 12months. They give you access to preforeclosure listings and help with assignments. You split the profits 50/50 and if it is a deal that makes sense you find for cash and do not have it, the mentor will use his cash as he is a HML as well.

Be careful on the 10K deal. For less I think you can have Russ Whitney mentor which I hear is really good for 4 days working with you for like 12+hrs a day.

I am a little skeptical at times about this. He is offering to show me everything, find me my first few deals, fund those deals plus repairs, show me how to sell them quick, and basicly walk me through every aspect of the business. From what I can tell he is credible. He is full time. Ive seen 3 of his last purchases and talked to some of his people. I am still a newbie (have not done first deal yet, other than my own home) I just need someone to teach me the fine tune stuff, and help me get started. I have the money to pay for a mentor, but 10K seems a little steep right off the bat. I do get a good gut feeling about this guy though.

Have any of you out there ever considerd the 1800 buy kwik system to pull in leads? Just wondering?

Thanks for any info.


10k seems like a lot…especially all up front. How long does this mentoring go on for? However long it is, divide that 10k by it (say it’s 12 months: 10,000 / 12 = 833) and see if he’ll take monthly payments. That’s still a lot, but at least if it doesn’t work out for you you don’t have all 10k in it.

Or maybe he’ll do like said above, and take a smaller up front amount and then monthly payments. See if he’ll work with you.