2 Questions about Earnest Money

1.Does anyone know if you can use the $1000 earnest money on several HUD offers?

  1. What typically happens to the earnest money check (or what should I do in regards to the check) after an offer has been given, but then rejected?

I do not believe that HUD requires cashiers checks, You can write several checks on several offers. Be carefull because if you win all the bids you may be scrambling to cover the checks and have to sell some coins or baseball cards or go to the pawn shop and pawn your family jewels.
I would want the checks sent back. They are usually made out to agent or title company and not cashed until the title company gives a receipt to the agent.

Hope this helps answer your questions, If not let me know. It has been several years since I bought any Hud buildings but I believe I am still right. The em was only $500 then

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