2 months till closing

I found a investor who is selling a home for 239000 and is eager to sell because he is developing the 1 acre it is sitting on an could use the money to re invest. The homes he is building will range from 250 to 300. He is willing to negociate the sale price of the home. But since the flat are not ready he cannot close for 2 months, property value are right at about 240. how would I negociate this into a contract that I could assign. or resell the house later. Any advise would be appriciated

maybe i am missing something but you are looking at a house for 239 that is worth 240? wheres the deal? who are you going to assign to? theres no money hereā€¦ NEXT

The HO is willing to negociate and if I am able to assign the not on the fact that the property will increase by about 20000 i the next 2 to 3 months because of the development