2 Legal Questions

All you seasoned Investors…

Can anyone tell me the answer to the following 2 questions:

  1. Is it illegal in Texas to advertise a property which I have under contract but have not yet closed?

  2. Is it illegal in Texas to post a particular property’s address on a sign (side of road)?

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Do not believe it is illegal to run ads on property that you have not closed on. I would wait until I had it under contract before trying to sell or advertise.
I have seen a lot of addresses posted on the side of the road for Open Houses, Garage Sales. regular house for sale signs and the like. If on the ROW they are illegal. I believe the city just removes them and that is about that. I see a lot of builders etc putting them up on Fri PM and taking them back up on Sun PM. This may be a good idea for you too. They are the expensive metal ones normally. May be good to get permission from property owner and place out of ROW just to keep them up longer too. Just some thoughts I had on the subject.

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Once you have a contract to buy a home, you have rights to that home. Therefore, IT IS NOT illegal to advertise that home.

You can assign your rights to whomever you wish.