1step done now what

I just came across two deal just by driving around both look vacant. comps come out to 700k on one and the other amill200k. Now how can i reach the owners I tried calling one but the other can’t locate(this was w/address reverse search).
What should I do? should I try sending a letter? thanks for input inadvance

Google… “your county” trustee website or
“your county” assessors website or
the address of the property

If you are looking for your County site(s) you can find them here:


Just choose the State, then County. Some smaller counties do not have websites.

on one I have the number but he wont pick up and the other one cant get no names and number.
what is the thing to do when you want to locate a homeowner and the property is vacant?

If the person doesn’t pick up, go knock on their door. For the other one, do a skip trace. Google Skip trace & pick a company to do it.